Balight will be brought to market, as the strongest intelligent wearable bicycle device


MakerScope has developed a new generation smart bicycle product, Balight. It will be released worldwide. Balight combines powerful, durable hardware with the best software features.

It is the best smart display device for bicyclers in the world. With a great design, bright colors, and stylish appearance, Balight enhances the riding experience. The powerful Balight app integrates many functions: social interaction with instant messaging and map locating, road quality analysis, and health goals management (tracking riding distance, riding time, maximum and current speed). Balight especially suits bicyclers who love riding at night. Balight’s bright display greatly facilitates safe biking, while creating a more joyful riding experience.

Balight’s best-of-class functions include: wireless data transfer, built-in double playlists for display options, fully customizable display, social integration, riding data recording, safety alarm, power bank, and waterproof/dustproof hardware.