A: Depending on your wheel spoke configuration, you may not need both hooks when securing the Balight Super. Securing one hook along with both Fasteners will secure the Balight Super while accommodating for irregular spoke patterns. The hook is used to provide forces to prevent horizontal sliding. Please ensure two Fasteners and one hook securely fastened to the spokes, resulting in a stable triangular fixing.
A: Balight supports Bluetooth BLE. If your smart phone is iPhone 4S, Android 4.0 or older, Balight supports your smart phone’s Bluetooth. A sudden loss of connection may be caused by the settings of your smart phone’s Bluetooth or the API calls of other APPs. Please follow these steps to resolve the issue.
Solution 1: Reboot your smart phone’s Bluetooth. First turn off your smart phone’s Bluetooth. Wait for at least 10 seconds and turn on the Bluetooth. Try to reconnect to your Balight and see if the same issue happens.
Solution 2: If Solution 1 does not resolve the issue, reboot your smart phone. After rebooting your smart phone, try to reconnect to your Balight and see if the same issue happens.
Solution 3: If the above Solutions, please try turn off the APPs that might call Bluetooth API at the background, for example, some smart bands’ APP. After turning off these APPs, follow the instructions of Solution 1.
If your issue is still unresolved, please contact us at support@balight.com. We will provide you technical support.